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Club Med Bali - 4 Days
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Boisterous Bangkok & Beautiful
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Bali Vacation Package Online - Club Med Bali

Tour Details

 Durations : 3 Night / 4 Days
Begin your new life and enjoy your honeymoon amidst the worndrously beautiful surroundings of Bali. Enjoy the sun & sand, long coastlines and swaying palms on its lazy white beaches. Make your holiday memorable with a stay at The Haven, a beautiful resort surrounded by a courtyard filled with a tropical flora and dominated by an elegant ziggurat sculpture! Enjoy your holidays here with modern facilities like LCD televisions, mini bar, tea/ coffee maker, internet and many more!
 Tour Itinerary
Day 1:
Arrive Bali
On arrival in Bali ,our local representative will welcome you and take you to the hotel by private vehicle. The rest of the day is free at your own to explore the resot activities.Overnight in Phuket hotel.
Day 2:
Morning after breakfast.Today enjoy Sports and Activities. Bungy trampoline: A mixture of trampolining and bungee jumping. You are attached by a waist harness with two elastic cords, each of which is attached to a post at either side, and you jump on the trampoline. Your jumps are amplified by the elastic cords, so that you can jump further, guided and supported by the cords, and try tricky forward/backward jumps and other moves.

Golf : The Village of Phuket offers a 9-hole pitch and putt course, a practice with net, a putting green and a training bunker in the park. Group lessons suitable for all levels. Over night in Phuket hotel.
Day 3:
Morning after breakfast.Day free at your own , please proceed to the club med travel desk if you wish to take an optional tour or else enjoy the in-house activates.meals will be served in the restaurant in the resort.Overnight at resort.
Day 4:
Back to Home
Morning after breakfast.Check out from the hotel .You can keep your luggage on the reception and proceed for last minute shopping before transferring to the airport for your home destination.
 Package Price
Rs. 44,799/- *
USD 919.011/- *
EUR 697.466/- *
GBP 580.046/- *
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Bali is a land that seems to have a magnet at its very heart. It is a feeling that is difficult to understand unless experienced but once visited you are surely compelled to come back and you may even want to stay forever, such is its pull. Maybe its Bali beauty, maybe the friendly people, or maybe even the influence from spirits that certainly abide in this place. Bali goes under many names. Some call it the island of the gods, others Shangri-La. The last paradise, the dawning of the world and the centre of the universe are yet more names for this truly beautiful tropical island inhabited by a remarkably artistic people who have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies.
 Package Inclusion
  • All meals
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • All sports facilities with tuition
  • Nightly entertainment.
  • **Open Bar and Snacking Inclusive
  • Travel Insurance, Tips, Porterage
  • Applicable peak season surcharge
  • Expenses of Personal Nature
  • Anything not Mentioned in the package inclusions
  • All prices quoted per person on twin sharing basis in Indian Rupees. Rates are applicable for a minimum of two (2) persons travelling at one time. Rates valid for Indian Nationals only
  • Rates subject to change without notice depending on currency fluctuation.
  • Rates are based on Standard category of rooms.
  • Rates not valid during conventions and special events.
  • In case carrier is Air Asia, package price does not include charges for checked baggage and meals.

Destination Information

Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of Sunda Island, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The island is home to most of Indonesia's small Hindu minority. In the 2000 census about 92.29% of Bali's population adhered to Balinese Hinduism while most of the remainder follows Islam. Culturally and linguistically, the Balinese are thus closely related to the peoples of the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Oceania. The island of Bali lies 3.2 km (2 mi) east of Java, and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. The Bali Strait separates Bali and Java. East to west, the island is approximately 153 km (95 mi) wide and spans approximately 112 km (69 mi) north to south; its land area is 5,632 km². The island is surrounded by coral reefs. Beaches in the south tend to have white sand while those in the north and west have black sand. Bali has no major waterways, although the Ho River is navigable by small sampan boats. Black sand beaches between Pasut and Klatingdukuh are being developed for tourism, but apart from the seaside temple of Tenaha Lot, they are not yet used for significant tourism. It is also the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music. Bali, a tourist haven for decades, has seen a further surge in tourist numbers in recent years.

Unlike most of Muslim-majority Indonesia, about 93.18% of Bali's population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia. Minority religions include Islam (4.79%), Christianity (1.38%), and Buddhism (0.64%). These figures do not include immigrants from other parts of Indonesia. Balinese Hinduism has roots in Indian Hinduism and in Buddhism, and adopted the animistic traditions of the indigenous people. Apart from the majority of Balinese Hindus, there also exist Chinese immigrants whose traditions have melded with that of the locals. As a result, these Sino-Balinese not only embrace their original religion, which is a mixture of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism and Confucianism, but also find a way to harmonize it with the local traditions.

Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture, beginning around the 1st century AD Balinese culture has been discovered from various inscriptions, including the Banjoing pillar inscription.
Balinese performing arts often portray stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana. Famous Balinese dances include pendet, legong, baris, topeng, barong, gong key bar, and kecak (the monkey dance). Celebrations are held for many occasions such as a tooth filing, cremation and or odalan (temple festival). One of the most important concepts that Balinese ceremonies have in common is that of DESA KALA PATRA which refers to how ritual performances must be appropriate in both the specific and general social context. Kaja and kelod are the Balinese equivalents of North and South, which refer to ones orientation between the island’s largest mountain Gunning Agung (kaja), and the sea (kelod). In addition to spatial orientation, kaja and kelod have the connotation of good and evil; gods and ancestors are believed to live on the mountain whereas demons live in the sea. Balinese society continues to revolve around each family's ancestral village, to which the cycle of life and religion is closely tied even it have risen an importance as a consequence of the democratization and decentralization of Indonesia since 1998.

Because of Balinese location just eight degrees south of the equator, Bali has a tropical climate. This means that daytime temperatures are around 31 degrees Celsius all year round. At night it is around 24 degrees Celsius. These temperatures however are for the low-lying areas, where most tourist areas are. If you head into the hills, it will be slightly cooler.

In the more mountainous regions of Bali, especially around the peaks of the volcanoes on the island, temperatures are much more moderate, even to be named cool. At night it can be cold with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. If you head into the mountains it is always smart to bring a jacket to prevent you from getting a cold, which could spoil your holiday.

Balinese and Indonesian are the most widely spoken languages in Bali, and the vast majority of Balinese people are bilingual or trilingual. Balinese or simply Bali is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by 3.9 million people (as of 2001) on the Indonesian island of Bali, as well as northern Nusa Penida, western Lombok and eastern Java. Most Balinese speakers also know Indonesian. English is a common third language (and the primary foreign language) of many Balinese, owing to the requirements of the tourism industry. Other foreign languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German or Hindi are often used in multilingual signs for foreign tourists.

The city of Bali offers you lots of tasty food to choose from. There are dishes like ever-popular Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Sate, Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles) with Ayam (Chicken) in various combinations. Check out the Bebek Betutu, a specialty of duck smoked in an eastern oven or Bubur Injun, a coconut rice pudding with fruit. In Bali, every meal is ignited with a typical red Balinese sauce that is truly out of this world.

If seafood is your favorite cuisine, visit Jimbaran Bay, which has its own seafood scene every evening. Enjoy a variety of fresh fish, prawns, squid, and lobster. With a lovely long drink by candlelight and the evening sky and the bay for company. The Balinese eat very early…so don't be surprised if you are offered dinner at about 6 pm !

Food is very affordable. You can have an excellent meal including a large bottle of beer at many tourist restaurants for US $ 3= ( 150 INR ) , while for US $10 =( 490 INR) ; you get to enjoy a gourmet meal at some of the finest restaurants around. Check out the Lotus Sea view and Kubu Bali at Candidasa. The TJ's Restaurant is another absolutely beautiful place.

Bali offers you plenty of Mexican, Continental and Italian cuisines too, in addition to the McDonalds, KFCs.

Indonesia is a tourist's delight. There are number of places to see in Indonesia. These include the capital city of Jakarta, beach resorts of Bali and Lombok, and the wonderful islands of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. As Indonesia is a tropical country and one of the last remnants of tropical rainforests on the earth, it is home to rich flora and fauna and hence a major attraction for nature lovers. The most 10 attractions of the BALI are :


Above details are prescribes as a pleasuring and attractive documents by our side. Hope we can able to make our customers satisfied through our online process and makes our customer feel happy with the journey of BALI ISDLAND IN INDONESIA.

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Cost and Dates

Package Type: Price Per Person
Rs. 44,799/- *
USD 919.011/- *
EUR 697.466/- *
GBP 580.046/- *
Validity: Valid From April 8, 2012 - April 30, 2012
(For other location please contact OR Send Query)

Hotel Details

Hotel: Club Med Bali
Star Category:
Lot 6, Nusa Dua, Bali 80361
Hotel Description:
Club Med Bali Nusa Dua is the perfect Resort for couples. Set amongst lush vegetations and colourful flowers, the beauty of the Resort is astounding. Club Meds beach with its white sand and clear blue water to cool in will allow you to feel the serenity of Bali.

You can look forward to the most refined and comfortable accommodation with renovated Superior, Deluxe and Suite rooms at Club Med Bali. The rooms in the Resort and the epitome of comfort and space, all the Deluxe rooms have a private terrace. The 9 luxurious Suite Rooms fully renovated with a spacious living room, dedicated VIP welcome and full amenities offer a NEW breakfast room service.

Chill out at the brand new bar, enjoy tranquility at the swimming pool or be pampered at the redesigned Mandara Spa which includes a quiet pool, Jacuzzi, 2 Turkish Baths and 2 saunas . Relax and enjoy yourself at your own pace. The brand new restaurants with its stylish design offers quality dishes from international and local cuisines
How to get:
Club Med Bali is around 14 Kms from the Denpasar Airport.
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